Presenting our New Master Bathroom

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's finally done! Actually, I still need to go buy some light grey towels today, but everything else is completed.

Remember the before? Drab, dreary, blandly beige. Blegh.

Now look how fabulous!

Seriously, the pictures don't even do it justice. You must come see it in person. I just love it.

The Run-Down:

First we took off all the old baseboards and everything off the walls and the doors and drawers off the cabinets. Then he installed the beadboard, new thick baseboards, and chair rail on top of the beadboard. He encased the window in trim then sprayed the beadboard, baseboards, & cabinets with the white paint. After that dried we taped all that white stuff off and rolled out the grey paint with a roller (when I say we I do mean we. I totally helped through this whole process. Aren't you proud?) and he sprayed the cabinet doors & drawers in the garage. We put everything back in its place, added the new hardware (found at Hobby Lobby), and I got the decor pieces from Ikea.

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

Source: via Rosemary on Pinterest

And here's my wall art I ordered in the Ikea frame I love so much. I decided to keep it black to mix up the colors in the bathroom. It's a nice mix of white, grey, brown & black that keeps it un-matchy.

All in all, it was a pretty fast and inexpensive job and it really makes a HUGE difference. I never want to leave my bathroom now.


  1. So does this mean I can come over and hang out in your master bathroom?

    Looks SO great. Kudos.

  2. Yes, All I want to do all day is just sit in my bathroom. You can come too. Bring chips.

  3. Ohhhh that frame..... I hear it :)

  4. Love the wall art!! That would be a great idea for something positive in my girls' room. Thank you for sharing.