Happy Haunting: Day 2- Neighborhood Boos

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are we ready to dive into Happy Haunting this lovely Saturday morning?

Designed using Rhonna Designs Spooky Junque Borders , Spooky Junque Frames Kit, and Spooky Junque Brushes. Fonts used: Tall Films & Carnival Freakshow

We started this tradition last year in our neighborhood after I read this post from Rhonna last Halloween. I thought it was the sweetest way you can spread some spooky holiday cheer to your neighbors, and it is THE MOST fun with your kids. We drug along all 5 of ours last night, left the candy on people's doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran and hid to watch them get the candy! It's really the best tradition- start yours this weekend! Your neighbors will love it I promise.

Designed using Rhonna Designs Spooky Junque Frames Kit, and House of 3 Wicked Font set. Fonts used: Rosewood & Modern No. 20

With the Poem, we also handed out mini little signs that our neighbors can put in their windows to show that they've already been Booed!

Designed using Rhonna Designs Spooky Junque Frames Kit. Fonts used: Rosewood & Carnival Freakshow

Designed using Rhonna Designs Spooky Junque Label Kit & Simple Photo Edges 2.

The treats we gave out were just the Spooky Junque Candy Cones filled with some Caramel Corn & treat boxes filled with Pumpkin Whoopie Pies! I'll be sharing those recipes tomorrow on Happy Haunting Day3!

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  1. my blog post today is titled "do you boo?" check it out www.rainingjellybeans.blogspot.com. Fun isn't it? I love your signs.